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How to Batch Print and Automatically Assign Invoice Numbers to Pre-Entered Sales Invoices in Sage 50


This guide is designed to assist users in batch printing previously entered sales invoices in Sage 50 and automatically assigning invoice numbers to them. This process is vital for efficient accounting and record-keeping.


  1. Initial Preparation:
    1. Ensure that all sales invoices you intend to batch print have already been entered into the Sage 50 system.
  2. Accessing Invoice Printing Options:
    1. Go to the 'Reports & Forms' menu.
    2. Select 'Forms', and then choose the appropriate invoice format.
  3. Selecting Invoice Format:
    1. In the "Select a Report or Form" window, pick the specific invoice or credit memo format you plan to print.
    2. Click on the 'Preview & Print' button.
  4. Setting the Print Range:
    1. If you wish to print a specific range of invoices, select a "through" date to filter invoices that have not yet been assigned a number.
    2. In the "Number the first invoice" field, enter the starting invoice number for this batch.
  5. Previewing the Batch:
    1. Click the 'Refresh List' button to see a preview of the invoices that will be printed.
  6. Executing Batch Print:
    1. Select 'Print/Email' to commence printing the batch of invoices.
    2. To avoid physical printing, change your printer setting to 'Microsoft Print To PDF' or another file-saving option.
  7. Finalizing Invoice Numbers:
    1. When asked if the invoices printed correctly, respond with 'YES' to ensure that the invoice numbers are assigned. Responding ‘NO’ will prevent assignment.
  8. Post-Printing Adjustments:
    1. After printing, any necessary adjustments to invoice numbers can be made following standard adjustment procedures.


By following these steps, you can efficiently batch print and assign numbers to pre-entered sales invoices in Sage 50, aiding in maintaining an organized and systematic accounting workflow.

For additional support, please reach out to our helpdesk at or call 602-428-0500. Our team at TechiLogic IT is dedicated to providing you with the necessary assistance.

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